February Pupbox Unboxing

Since you guys enjoyed my last doggy subscription box unboxing, I figured I’d show off the second box that I get for Boba each month! Pupbox is the same concept as Barkbox – a monthly subscription that includes 5-6 items each month! We love this one because it usually includes more than just toys and treats. In the past we have received travel water bottles, bandanas, and a toothbrush and toothpaste!

I really love these sort of subscription boxes because it always includes a different array of treats and it’s awesome to mix it up constantly so Boba doesn’t get bored of his usual ones! In this month’s box, Boba got ‘It’s Purely Natural’ Chicken Tenders and ‘La Petit Treat’ peanut butter and apple treats. He was loving the Chicken Tenders the most, it’s the end of the month now and he has already finished off the bag! It was the perfect mid-day snack for him.

One of the toys in this month’s Pupbox was the ‘Go Dog’ Flying Pig! Boba is a heavy chewer, he can’t have stuffed toys because he rips them up immediately and makes such a mess! The only time he ever gets them is in these boxes, so I don’t mind cleaning up the mess as much because he really does have so much fun doing it. This toy he was so cute with, he carried it around with him for about two days, only ripping off the ears and wings, and even slept with it! He inevitably destroyed it, but I was surprised it actually lasted!

Next was the Himalayan Dog Chew Seasoning. I didn’t know if he was going to like something like this but now if I don’t sprinkle it over his food, he is so disappointed! He has been so obsessed with this!! I just know he gets bored of his same dog food, so I love the idea of this! I think I’m going to repurchase when we run out, or find something similar!

Lastly, he got the Rock n Roller. He’s pretty uninterested in this one, honestly. He hasn’t really picked it up or played with it. It’s kind of weighted and has a rubber-y smell to it. I didn’t understand what it even was at first, but apparently it’s supposed to be great for tug of war and to give them something to chew and bite down on. I really like the tie dye look of it though, it’s super cool looking!

Another thing I really love about Pupbox is that it comes with a sheet that gives you some training and development advice based on their age! It’s very informative and has seriously been so helpful! If you have a younger pup, this is an amazing box to try out! As your puppy grows, the box grows with you!

Boba always looks forward to his monthly boxes, as do I just because I loved opening them with him! He gets so excited about each item inside, it is so cute! Although this box is great for all dogs, I think this is best for younger ones. Boba has a special coupon code to help you save some money on your own subscriptions, too! Just use ‘BOBA’ at checkout! I hope you enjoyed this month’s unboxing and some more Boba content! Thanks for reading!

Pérsona Cali Glow Highlighters

Pérsona Cosmetics is a newer makeup brand created and owned by Sona Gasparian, who is also a social media influencer. Sona is an amazing beauty and fashion blogger, she is extremely knowledgeable about the products she talks about and is always very informative. Her content is beautiful and creative, as is her makeup brand! Previous to the launch of her new Cali Glow highlighters, she launched the Pérsona Identity Eye Shadow palette – the perfect everyday palette with the most buttery formula! Pérsona Cosmetics is now available at Ulta, which is super exciting! Congratulations to her and the growth of her brand, it is so well deserved!

Their newest launch, as well as their second released product, are the Cali Glow Highlighters. They have three total shades in the current collection, Laguna, Zuma, and Del Mar – all named after Sona’s favorite beaches along the Californa coast.

The packaging is absolutely stunning, both exterior and component. Although the color layout is very popular and on trend, as seen with lines such as KKW Beauty and Fenty Beauty, these still stand out in the crowd. The soft nude, almost baby pink, packaging is my favorite look. Pair that with the black, white, and touch of rose gold and it’s just downright dreamy.

The three shades will suit a variety of skin tones. Laguna is a very light ivory shade, most flattering on paler skin tones. Zuma is the most versatile and universally flattering shade, being that is a champagne/rose gold. Del Mar is the deepest, looking best on deeper skin tones, but it would also make for a nice glowy bronzer for more medium tones. Personally, I love to mix Zuma and Laguna for my perfect shade, but Laguna looks best on me on it’s own since I do have paler skin.

I have fallen in love with the formula of these, I have seriously only used these since I received them in the mail. They are specifically designed to achieve a warm, sun kissed reflective glow. Formulated with Vitamin E and Cacao Seed Butter, the highlighters are super buildable, ultra smooth and creamy. The formula has a very lux feel to it, extremely blendable, highly pigmented, and doesn’t highlight texture or pores. I recommend picking one of these beauties up if you love to glow!

Too Faced Life’s a Festival Collection + Tea

Before I even get into this post, I know a lot of my followers are going to be very confused on why I am even talking about Too Faced after being so vocal on social media about how I am no longer using their products. I’m still not a Too Faced fan, I’ll get into that in a moment if you’re out of the loop, but after receiving this collection in the mail I will admit I was a little impressed and thoroughly surprised so I thought I would share.

Those of you that had no idea about my whole Too Faced strike, it’s definitely petty, but worth sharing. Last year, around April/May, Too Faced had launched their Natural Love palette and their Love Light highlighters. I filmed a “Hit or Miss” YouTube video speaking about both items and saying I was disappointed in the quality and that Too Faced in general had really taken a dive in quality around that time. I was also speaking out about it on my Twitter, which they followed me on at the time. This was also around the time that Jerrod Blandino (The former co-owner of Too Faced) had been on a problematic spree. One attack that he posted on Instagram was directed at Tarte Cosmetics – insanely childish and unprofessional.


The shade of the post was “Copycats aren’t unicorns” followed by “There aren’t unicorns in the amazon” directed at Tarte’s new (at the time) Unicorn Collection because they use a lot of amazonian clay in their products. The whole thing was very bizarre and then it turned into a huge war once Jeffree Star spoke about it on twitter, but I’m not going to get into that.  If you want that tea, a quick google search will fill you in. So right after all that drama and myself speaking about it on Twitter (and that YouTube video) I was quickly unfollowed by Too Faced on Twitter and Instagram and taken off PR. I was shocked by the immaturity of a brand I had once loved so much and decided if that is how a brand wants to carry themselves and refuse to accept criticism, I would no longer be supporting them. This whole mess went down May 2017 and since then I have tossed out almost all Too Faced products and stopped using them on my social media channels. Clearly this wasn’t about being taken off PR, if I want a product I will simply buy it. Free makeup is great but if me being honest on my social channels affects my spot on a silly PR list, you can keep it. My job as in influencer is to try out brands and products and speak honestly about my thoughts on said products. I would never jeopardize my authenticity on my channels for a brand, the last thing I want is to recommend a sh*t product to my followers, and at the time… all Too Faced was coming out with was, well… Sh*t.

So fast forward to now, about 9 whole months later, they reached back out to me. They had reached out a few weeks ago about the new White Peach palette and the PR coordinator was a new person so she probably just found my account and thought I’d be a good fit, not knowing what happened previously. Still, I ignored the e-mail because I hold grudges like no other and was still turned off by the whole situation. Then again, last week, the same woman reached out saying she’d love to send over the new Life’s a Festival collection – their new Unicorn line. If you know me even a little, you know I’m that annoying b*tch that loves unicorns and is still very much on that train, so naturally, I was like f*ck it, send it on over. I wasn’t really sure what to do with the items after that point – do I use them? Put together a giveaway? I don’t know. Anyway, today the package arrived and I hate to admit it, I really do but… Damn, it’s cute.

SO. Today’s post will be talking about a few items from the collection and my overall thoughts. You can choose to keep reading from here or click out since you got your fill on the drama, but my question to you guys is, where do you stand with Too Faced? I know they have been losing a lot of fans within the past few months and there seems to be a general consensus on how their ideas are all tired and dry, as well as the overall quality being comparable to some low-end drugstore brands. I still am annoyed with the brand, but I know it’s so petty. Jerrod is no longer the owner of the brand, they were bought by Estee Lauder, so I don’t know if it’s silly to stop using them because of his involvement. Let me know your thoughts or advice in the comments – is this all so silly and stupid or should I just keep doing what I’m doing and forget the brand? I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions on what you would do in a situation like this.

Moving into the new collection… When I first saw this, my immediate thoughts were really? At this point, the unicorn/mermaid makeup trend is so played out. It’s all been done before and one person only needs so many colorful, glitter packed highlighters and lipsticks. This collection packaging, while admittedly adorable, is not ideal for the average consumer. Most grown women aren’t super interested in a makeup collection decked out in mythical creatures, so I’m assuming this collection was more targeted to a younger audience. I wasn’t super interested in the collection after seeing photos all over social media, mostly because the last time I used Too Faced the products were chalky and had little to no pigment. One of my best friends, Ashley Wagner, did a tutorial/review of the collection on her YouTube channel and she did an amazing look with the collection and said that everything really exceeded her expectations, so after watching that I was like hm…. dare I purchase? Shortly after that was when I received the e-mail about being sent the product and I was like ya know. Ya. Lemme try that out. So here we are!

I really like the packaging of the of the Life’s a Festival palette, it’s super cute and has a sort of squishy feeling to it. Personally, I reach for more vibrant colorful palettes since they tend to fade out while blending, but even with these being softer pastel shades, this is definitely something I’d reach for if I wanted a pop of shimmer on the lid. If you’re newer to working with color, this might be something you really enjoy as well since it’s less intimidating shades. This formula is definitely a step up from their past launches though, a lot smoother and WAY more pigmented, which I was impressed with. I hardly tapped my fingertip into the pan and the color pay off was crazy! It felt even better than the original Chocolate Bar palette, which used to be my all time favorite.

The Festival Refresh spray is actually really nice, the scent is sort of lemon-y like a household cleaner, but in a good way if that makes sense? I loved the smell! It claims to help minimize pores, but I didn’t notice anything and that’s kind of a large claim for a facial mist. I used it as a primer and to set my makeup and it looked and felt so nice!

The packaging on the Rainbow Strobe palette is seriously the cutest and the presentation of the highlighter in the pan is amazing, I love how they made it look like an actual rainbow! I don’t wear colored highlights often, besides maybe in my inner corner for a little pop, but the formula of this was super buttery and had crazy color payoff. Seriously, I was so impressed considering the Love Light highlighters were so chalky and textured.

The Unicorn Tears bronzer is interesting to me. I know a lot of people love shimmery bronzers for summer time, but this one having an actual light highlight shade in the middle seems more inconvenient than anything else since most people use larger brushes to bronze with. The press in the pan is adorable, though. The aesthetics in this collection is super on point and I am obsessed with all the packaging and little details.

For the people that are into metallics and glitter lip toppers, you’ll love these. I have never been a huge fan of metallic lipsticks, I find them more on the unwearable side and they don’t look especially flattering on me. However, these shades in particular are so subtle, I definitely think you could get away wearing them day to day. I do also love a lip topper from time to time because I am such a lip gloss girl. I really like the Angel Tears and Fairy Tears lip toppers from the collection.

The Unicorn Dreams and Unicorn Tears highlighting sticks are super cute, the unicorn horn detail is perfect. I like Unicorn Dreams a bit more just because I feel like you can get away with wearing it more on an everyday basis, but Unicorn Tears is actually pretty subtle for a colored highlight.

My final thoughts on the collection is that they really did a great job with the packaging, I know this isn’t everyone’s forte but I thought it was executed really nicely! The pigmentation was super impressive, too! The products in the collection aren’t something that most would wear everyday, or often at all. We all have personal preferences and for me, I don’t wear cream highlighters often, as well as metallic lipsticks, or shimmer bronzers. That’s just me, though. This collection could be something you fall in love with depending on your personal preference and style! Again, I think this is targeted for a younger audience. It is also called Life’s a Festival and all of which are very festival appropriate, so they hit the mark there! It will no doubt make for a fun summer look. I will be giving a few items in the collection away just so they don’t go to waste, but I am definitely keeping the Rainbow Strobe highlighter, eye shadow palette, Angel Lip Topper, and the facial mist!

Now I want to hear your thoughts! Let me know what you think about the Life’s a Festival collection – yay or nay? And what do you think about the whole Too Faced mess? I’m torn between, ‘who cares, makeup is makeup’ and ‘I rather support a company that takes feedback into consideration and doesn’t act unprofessional and messy on social media’. I will say though – the quality of this collection was outstanding compared to previous launches, so I really think they are finally listening and making important changes to better themselves and improve. I was pleasantly surprised and definitely ate my words about this collection! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I can’t wait to read your feedback and see your discussions in the comments!

Bath and Body Works New Active Line

Bath and Body works has been on a re-branding kick lately, bringing out so many fun new products and collections to appeal to all audiences, one of their newest new additions being their Active Line! They sent me over a handful of items from their new collection to try out and I am so excited to share them with you! I wanted to give you a little overview of the whole collection and some information on each item. If you are an avid gym junkie, you’re going to LOVE this time-saving collection!

I am a huge Dry Shampoo fan so I was super excited to see that Bath and Body Works came out with their own! The packaging on it is super cute and it has nice soft, scent to it. This was a great addition to their active skincare line because we all know how uncomfortable it is to leave to gym with drippy, sweaty hair. This is perfect to just pop in your gym bag and freshen up on the go! Personally, I use dry shampoo 24/7 since I have colored hair and try not to wash it to often.  The No Sweat Dry Shampoo is 4.1 fl oz and retails for $16.50.

Cool Off Gel Lotion is a lightly scented, lightweight gel lotion that moisturizes as fast as it refreshes. It absorbs quickly to leave skin moisturized and radiant, but it also feels amazing after an intense workout. It really cools sore muscles, similar to icy hot’s cooling sensation! This is amazing for recovery post gym and comes in a perfect “gym bag” mini size of 2.5 fl oz for $6.50. The full size is 6 fl oz for $13.50.

Rub, rinse and go! This shower body lotion leaves skin feeling soft and conditioned! After cleansing, apply lotion to wet skin while out of direct shower stream. Leave on for one minute, rinse off and pat dry. This has the same light fragrance as the rest of the line, so it gives you a nice lingering soft scent throughout the day! The 8 fl oz bottle is available for $16.50.

The Shave + Shower 2-in-1 Oil Body Cleanser is a DREAM! I used this for an all over body cleanser and on my legs right before shaving and it left my skin so soft and smooth! Since it’s an oil, it leaves your skin looking glowy and radiant! It’s available in 6 fl oz for $13.50 and a mini 3 fl oz size for $6.50.

The Fresh in a Flash is a very verstitle refresher spray – you can use it to mist down your whole body/face (great before or after workout!) or you can use it to spray down your gear and clean it up! We all know things can get a little sweaty during a workout, including out mats! So this spray is great for a quick on-the-go clean and gives such a fresh scent! It’s 6 fl oz and $13.50.

The new Shower in a Bottle is a no rinse body cleansing foam. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to shower (great for after workouts!) this makes it easy to get refreshed and cleaned up. It’s lightly scented and essentially mess free – just use 1-2 pumps and then pat dry with a towel. Shower in a Bottle retails for $16.50 and it 6 fl oz.

The Fresh Towel Body Cleaning Towelettes are great for a quick clean up on the go! These are ideal for after the gym – you can freshen up real quick and then run your errands right after without feeling self conscious. The light fragrance will have you feeling clean, but it’s not an overpowering scent, which I love! They’re also doubled sided, one side is textured to lift away dead skin and dirt, and the other is smooth for a fresh finish. It comes with 12 sheets for pack (all individually wrapped) and they retail for $16.50.