Hi friends! I created this page to easily access my discount codes to save some money on your purchases! Each of these codes are affiliates and I will receive a small commission from each purchase. Thank you so much for your support!

  • Time Los Angeles: Hailie for 10% off! Time LA is a company ran by one of my closest friends, Ashley Wagner. Her brand carries makeup related clothing, accessories, and she recently dropped her own makeup! I highly recommend her marble brushes and liquid lipsticks – my personal favs!
  • Arctic Fox: Hailie10 for 10% off! I absolutley LOVE AF hair dye! I am constantly changing up my hair and AF is the least damaging and longest lasting I have tried! It is also a cruelty free brand and donates part of sales to animals in need!
  • Artist Couture: Hailie for 10% off! Artist Couture is a makeup line specializing in loose highlighters, which are some of my all time favorites on the market! My personal favorite is Coco Bling, an extremely reflective and intense loose silver highlight! It is STUNNING on paler skin tones!
  • Sigma Beauty: Hailie for 10% off! Sigma is my absolute favorite brand from brushes, I have had the same sets for years and still to this day they are good as new with NO shedding whatsoever! They also carry palettes, lip products, and blush – another favorite of mine!
  • Impressions Vanity: HailieBarber for 10% off! Impressions Vanity is where about half my beauty room is from! I get the majority of my acrylic makeup organizers from there, as well as my vanity mirror and desk chairs! You can check out my beauty room space here for a better look.
  • OFRA Cosmetics: Hailie30 for 30% off! OFRA has a wide variety of products, both makeup and skincare. My favorites are the highlighters and liquid lipsticks! The liquid lipstick is a very moussey texture, super comfortable on the lips and not too drying – my go to shade is Bel Air. The highlights are for people that want their glow to be seen from space, my favorite, which is also a cult favorite, is Rodeo Drive!