EOS Crystal Lip Balm #ad

 Today I’m partnering up with EOS to talk about their newest lip balm! If your lips have been suffering from the dry, cold winter – fear no more. EOS has recently launched their new Crystal Lip Balm, a wax-free, weightless lip balm that soothes and hydrates lips, making them soft and healthy. I have partnered up with EOS in the past to talk about this product and have been using the Crystal for a few months now. I love how it feels on my lips so much! It glides on the lips like an oil and keeps my lips moisture throughout the day. It also doubles as a lip primer – great before apply lipstick!

EOS Crystal is formulated with avocado, shea, coconut, and other natural oils. It’s vegan, hypoallergenic, and paraben & petrolatum-free. I love how natural this lip balm is!

Crystal is available in both Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The one I have that is pictured is Vanilla Orchid – I’m a sucker for anything and everything vanilla! It’s available for $5.95 and you can find a store that carries Crystal here!

I also love the packaging of the Crystal! All of EOS lip balm’s are super chic looking and easy to pop in your bag, but the Crystal in particular is adorable! It has a slight shimmer to it when held in the light, and the actual product looks so cool – almost transparent! If you’ve been wanting to try out a new lip balm, I definitely recommend picking this one up and giving it a go!

One thought on “EOS Crystal Lip Balm #ad

  1. I plan to look for this lip balm on my next trip to Walmart I hope they carry it. Looks fabulous and I suffer with dry lips all year round.


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