Bath and Body Works New Active Line

Bath and Body works has been on a re-branding kick lately, bringing out so many fun new products and collections to appeal to all audiences, one of their newest new additions being their Active Line! They sent me over a handful of items from their new collection to try out and I am so excited to share them with you! I wanted to give you a little overview of the whole collection and some information on each item. If you are an avid gym junkie, you’re going to LOVE this time-saving collection!

I am a huge Dry Shampoo fan so I was super excited to see that Bath and Body Works came out with their own! The packaging on it is super cute and it has nice soft, scent to it. This was a great addition to their active skincare line because we all know how uncomfortable it is to leave to gym with drippy, sweaty hair. This is perfect to just pop in your gym bag and freshen up on the go! Personally, I use dry shampoo 24/7 since I have colored hair and try not to wash it to often.  The No Sweat Dry Shampoo is 4.1 fl oz and retails for $16.50.

Cool Off Gel Lotion is a lightly scented, lightweight gel lotion that moisturizes as fast as it refreshes. It absorbs quickly to leave skin moisturized and radiant, but it also feels amazing after an intense workout. It really cools sore muscles, similar to icy hot’s cooling sensation! This is amazing for recovery post gym and comes in a perfect “gym bag” mini size of 2.5 fl oz for $6.50. The full size is 6 fl oz for $13.50.

Rub, rinse and go! This shower body lotion leaves skin feeling soft and conditioned! After cleansing, apply lotion to wet skin while out of direct shower stream. Leave on for one minute, rinse off and pat dry. This has the same light fragrance as the rest of the line, so it gives you a nice lingering soft scent throughout the day! The 8 fl oz bottle is available for $16.50.

The Shave + Shower 2-in-1 Oil Body Cleanser is a DREAM! I used this for an all over body cleanser and on my legs right before shaving and it left my skin so soft and smooth! Since it’s an oil, it leaves your skin looking glowy and radiant! It’s available in 6 fl oz for $13.50 and a mini 3 fl oz size for $6.50.

The Fresh in a Flash is a very verstitle refresher spray – you can use it to mist down your whole body/face (great before or after workout!) or you can use it to spray down your gear and clean it up! We all know things can get a little sweaty during a workout, including out mats! So this spray is great for a quick on-the-go clean and gives such a fresh scent! It’s 6 fl oz and $13.50.

The new Shower in a Bottle is a no rinse body cleansing foam. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to shower (great for after workouts!) this makes it easy to get refreshed and cleaned up. It’s lightly scented and essentially mess free – just use 1-2 pumps and then pat dry with a towel. Shower in a Bottle retails for $16.50 and it 6 fl oz.

The Fresh Towel Body Cleaning Towelettes are great for a quick clean up on the go! These are ideal for after the gym – you can freshen up real quick and then run your errands right after without feeling self conscious. The light fragrance will have you feeling clean, but it’s not an overpowering scent, which I love! They’re also doubled sided, one side is textured to lift away dead skin and dirt, and the other is smooth for a fresh finish. It comes with 12 sheets for pack (all individually wrapped) and they retail for $16.50.

3 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works New Active Line

  1. I have the dry shampoo and I noticed it is almost watery when I use it. It seemed to do an average job but it left 0 white marks! Did you get similar results? Or did I get a weird bad one that is really liquid-y?


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