Best Apps to Help Manage Your Money

With the New Year here, everyone is trying to get themselves together and get more organized. This includes money management! From a young age, my parents had always taught me about savings and how to properly manage my money. I was raised where I always had to work for the things that I want, whether that be a new Bratz doll, a new pair of shoes, or a car, I had to purchase everything on my own. This taught me to be more careful with my money and hold tight to every last dollar I had. I am so appreciative of these life lessons because now I manage my money like a pro and have savings and investments on my side and am able to life comfortably, while still buying the things that I want to buy.

Today’s blog post is going to be all about some helpful apps that I have found that have made me stay organized and kept me on track! I have four main apps that I want to share with you guys and all but one of them are free to download. Let’s get into it!


Apps starting from top left; RFBCU (my bank), Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, Shoeboxed, Mint, Tiny Invoice, Expensify,

Above is a screenshot of all my “Finance” apps. I’m sure you guys are familiar with the basics – Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, etc., Today we are just focusing on Mint, Expensify, Shoeboxed, and Tiny Invoice.

Starting with the Mint app, this is the one that everyone needs to download. I have forced this app upon all my family and friends because it is just so helpful and really calls you out if you’re one of those people that tends to over spend on unnecessary items. You can create budgets, manage your bills, and even check your credit score on this app.

The above isn’t my personal account (for obvious reasons) just photos of the app that I pulled off the internet. This is the layout of the app, starting with the left side it shows you what is going on in your bank account and how much you have in checking/savings and investments. You link your bank account upon downloading the app and you can also link accounts to your bills as well. The app gives you reminders of upcoming bills and you can either pay them from the app or set them up as auto-pay. Also on the left, you can see it shows you how well you are doing with your budget for the month. The app gives you a certain budget based on info from your accounts, but you can toggle it to better suit your needs.

In the middle of the app, it gives you a pie chart based off your expenses. This organizes everything you have spent money on (based on your bank statements) and puts everything into categories so you can see where all your money has gone to for the month. The categories include Personal Care, Pets, Auto and Transport, Food, Home, Shopping, Travel, Bills, and other. I have a love/hate relationship with this because of course it’s an amazing way to keep track of everything, but it’s also a little heartbreaking to see a giant chunk of the pie going to bills… and food.

On the right side, it gives you all the debts/credits in your bank account and keeps track of all transactions. This side (which on the actual app, it’s not broken into pages like shown above. It’s just one long page that your scroll up and down on.) shows you a more detailed version of your budget. This tells you how much you’ve spent on certain things during the month and how much more you have left to spend – not that you need to hit the budget for the month, it’s totally okay, and best, to be under it!

The Mint app is by far my favorite and most helpful app and I feel like everyone needs to download it! Moving into more business oriented apps, I have a free download option (with in app purchases based on your use for the app) and then a paid app. Both are basically the same and get the job done, it is just totally up to personal preference!


Starting with the free version, Expensify. This app is one of my favorites for keeping track of receipts, doing expense reports, and tracking mileage. This is amazing if you are an independent contractor and have to keep track of a million receipts for tax purposes! All you have to do is take a quick snap of your receipt and it will automatically process it into an expense report. You can add comments to the specific receipt, categorize it (travel, office supplies, etc.) and it automatically adds in the merchant name, total, and date of purchase. Again, super helpful for taxes.

The next app, Shoeboxed, does the same thing as Expensify but it is a paid app. It has three separate plans, the lowest starting at $4.99. I like this one a little bit more than Expensify because the layout is a little more appealing and easier to operate.


In my opinion, this app just looks better and feels more organized than Expensify. It’s the same process where you snap a photo of a receipt, except on this one you choose what category you’d like the receipt to go in to. Since Expensify does it automatically, it’s not always done correctly. Another thing I really like about this app is that you can also snap a photo of business cards and it organizes all the info from the cards and stores it for you, so you don’t have to worry about ever losing anyone’s info ever again! This one also has mileage tracking! You just click a button once you’re in the car and then again when you get to your destination and it tracks it all for you!

These apps are mainly used in businesses or for the self employed, but if you are neither of those things, it’s still very useful to keep track of receipts and spending! The last app I have in specifically for invoices, so if you aren’t an independent contractor or business, you probably wont need or get much use out of this one. However, if you are, I highly recommend this app!


As advertised, it is insanely quick and easy to fill out and send off invoices from this app! All you have to do is fill out your own contact info (billing address) once and it stores it so that sending off invoices is quick and easy. From there, you just need to fill out the business name and address of who you are invoicing, the amount owed, when it’s due, and that’s it! It shoots off an e-mail and then gives you a reminder when the invoice is due or if it becomes overdue. Super easy, super quick. I love this app!

Those are my top four apps for managing finances! I hope you guys found this post helpful. Let me know in the comments down below any other apps you guys recommend and what you’d like to see next! Thank you so much for reading!

3 thoughts on “Best Apps to Help Manage Your Money

  1. Awesome post! Very detailed and helpful for someone who spends a lot (on food and makeup) like me! I’m definitely going to download Mint app right now! Love all your blog posts, keep it up 🙂

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  2. WOW!!! Tons of information in a very informative blog. I hope your followers will try these apps and let you know if they help them with budgets and planning. Also the fact that you need to save for your future. Where you want to buy a new car , a house or put away for retirement. It may seem like there is plenty of time for that but time passes too fast and you realize you are not ready. Try these apps. I wish we had have these things when we were just starting off in life.

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