New Tarte Cosmetics Skincare

Tarte recently added two new skincare items to their collection and I was so excited to try these when they launched! I am already a fan of Tarte skincare, the Maracuja Oil and Drink of H2O are some of my holy grail products, so I was hoping these would be another great new addition to the line! The two new products they just released are the Blemish Bully acne spot treatment and the Knockout tingling treatment, pictured below.

I have been trying these products out for over a month now so that I could give you a full, thorough review! I have been dealing with a ton of skin issues and acne lately due to recent diet changes and stress, so Lord knows I needed some good skincare in my life! I also have very dry skin, (year round, but the winter isn’t helping!) so keep that in mind during my review, as well!

Starting with the Blemish Bully, I was most excited to give this one a go! I have been using the Eradikate spot treatment for over a year now, so I felt it was time to mix it up and try something new anyway. Eradikate is amazing and I highly recommend it, but it is a super harsh product and is seriously drying to my already dry skin, so I was ecstatic to see that Blemish Bully was a total opposite formula and wasn’t drying at all. I was also used to overnight products, whereas Blemish Bully you can use anytime of day, and it’s clear! I started off just using it just at night, after my regular skincare routine, because that’s what I was used to with my previous treatment. I was pleasantly surprised to see that within the first week of using it, my acne had gone down immensely within size and redness, and my smaller blemishes disappeared literally overnight! I didn’t notice a scent to the product either, which is always a plus! Acne treatments tend to be very chemical smelling. It stung only on blemishes that were open, but for the most part I didn’t feel it or notice it at all. Overall, I enjoyed the acne treatment and will continue to keep using it!

When I started using the new Knockout Tingling Treatment (same time as I began using the Blemish Bully) I was honestly a little hesitant. First of all, I don’t really like anything “tingly” so that already made me nervous. Second of all, as soon as I opened the bottle the smell was extremely pungent, almost vinegar-like. Not something you really want to slather on your skin, but for the sake of the blog, that’s exactly what I did. The tingle was more so of a burning sensation than anything and it made my skin red immediately upon contact, but that tingle and redness went away after a few minutes. You know what they say, beauty is pain or whatever, so I got over it. I didn’t notice much the next morning, except my face being soft, but I continued to use it morning and night. About three days into using it I noticed the pores around my nose and cheeks (my biggest problem area) had dramatically gone down in size and my skin overall seemed to clear up – keep in mind I was also using Blemish Bully on my acne during this, too! It did seem to make my skin feel a little tight though, and definitely didn’t help my dryness, so I started applying my Maracuja Oil right after and then following up with the Drunk Elephant LaLa Retro Whipped Cream moisturizer and that helped a lot. By the fifth day of use, my skin honestly looked amazing and even brighter! Again, I was a little shocked. I went in expecting the product to mess my skin up (sorry, Tarte!) and came out like some glowy skin goddess! The few minutes of stinging and redness I could handle for some nice skin, but I really do wish the smell wasn’t so strong! I’d give it a 7/10 overall and if you were on the fence with trying it, try it out! I’m super happy with the results, but I have cut back to using it 2-3 times a week instead of every single day and then using my Pixi Glow Tonic the rest of the week and that seems to be the recipe to happy skin!

I’m always a little iffy about makeup companies that come out with skincare, because it isn’t always the best for you and some brands really do not care about what ingredients they are selling to you, but Tarte seems to nail it every time! Not only do they have great makeup, but their skincare is equally amazing! Have you guys got around to trying these new products out yet? What was your experience with them? Did they work for you, too? Let’s chat in the comments! As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you guys found this helpful!

12 thoughts on “New Tarte Cosmetics Skincare

  1. So glad you did a review on these products. I’ve been wanting to try them out! After reading your review I will definitely check it out. How would you compare the Maracuja oil to argan oil? I’ve used argan oil before and my skin hated it. I have combo oily acne prone sensitive skin. The argan oil was too thick I think. It also clogged my pores and broke me out. Also what do you think about the tight and bright mask?


  2. I really appreciate you creating a blog. Just a suggestion – can you up the font size to something normal, like 12 pt? I can’t even attempt to read this, sadly 😦


    • The font size is set to 16 pt on my desktop. Are reading this on a phone or tablet? The theme automatically changes to fit whatever device you’re on, which is why it’s appearing smaller than normal for you.


  3. I think all BHA products have that smell. It’s pretty gross but yea luckily it goes away after a couple minutes. Great blog, I’ve been using the Knockout but not the blemish bully and now I want to give it a try 🙂


  4. I’m glad you posted a review on these products. I’ve been eyeing them for some time now but waited. I’m happy they worked for you and now I’m thinking I’ll give them a try sometime! Thanks


  5. I definitely want to try these out. I’ve been using the Sunday Reiley UFO oil and I just ran out and it’s a little expensive to keep repurchasing it. I really hope this helps the breakouts I’ve been having recently! Thanks so much for trying them out 😊


  6. Super glad you did a thorough review on this! I’ve been waiting to see if someone would. So THANK YOU🙌🏻 I’m definitely interested in trying these products, but like you, I’m skeptical when cosmetic companies create skincare products. Looks like it’s worth a shot though.


  7. Love this review! I didn’t realize that Tarte had released new skincare. The Blemish Bully sounds perfect for me right now, my skin has been so weird and acne prone lately I hate it!! I think I’d be a little scared to try the Knockout tingling treatment though xD


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