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I have been itching to travel lately! It’s been three months since my last trip and I have been needing to just get out of my own space. My boyfriend and I have put together a list of places we want to see and visit this year and we already have a few trips lined up! We have been wanting to do a lot of road trips so that we can travel with Boba, my 10 month old Australian Shepard. To test the waters, and just kind of get out of the house and do something new, we decided to take a spur of the moment mini road trip to Fredricksburg, TX! If you’re new, I live right outside of Austin, so this isn’t a far trip for me, only about a 2 hour drive, but this would be Boba’s very first trip!

We packed up our overnight bags, Boba’s bed, and a few toys, and we hit the road. I wanted more of a cabin feel, so we searched on AirBnB and found a ton of quaint, cute little homes. The place we picked was super cozy and had us feeling right at home.


Fredricksburg is full of amazing wineries, so although Hugo and I aren’t huge wine drinkers, we had to make a pit stop! We looked up dog friendly wineries in the area and about 90% of them were welcoming to furry friends! The one that stood out the most though… Fat Ass Ranch and Winery. Yep. How could we not go?

As I mentioned earlier, Hugo and I don’t really drink wine so we don’t really know the difference between bad six dollar finds and an aged twenty year old eighty dollar bottle. This winery was know for their sweet, fruity flavored wines – they didn’t even carry reds! It worked out great for us because, of course, our extremely refined taste buds gravitate more towards super sweet white wines! We did a tasting that featured a peach, watermelon jolly rancher, cranberry “holiday” flavor, strawberry, and a sangria. Besides the cranberry flavor, Hugo loved all of them! However, I could only get down with the sangria, peach, and strawberry! Overall, not a bad tasting, of us, it was only $20, wine glasses included!

I didn’t get any photos from the night we arrived because it was so dark and we mainly did outdoor activities so that we could take Boba everywhere with us. Main Street in Fredricksburg is filled with a ton of mom and pop shops and amazing food places, so we walked the streets with Boba and checked out a few of the stores. For dinner we went to an amazing place called Hondo’s that seemed to be “the spot” around there. The menu isn’t super vegetarian friendly, so I went with a quesadilla and Hugo had steak enchiladas. We also split the most mouth watering cheesy curly fries, covered in chipotle ranch. It was my goodbye meal to my old friend, cheese. You will be missed in 2018. Gone but not forgotten.

It was such an awesome trip and I am so glad we got to do it before Hugo had to leave town to go back to school! Sometimes you just need a night away. I am looking forward to many more road trips this year, our next stop hopefully being Denver! If you have any suggestions of places to check out, please let me know below! Thank you so much for reading! XO

7 thoughts on “Fredricksburg, TX | Travel Diary

  1. I love that you included boba sooo much on this trip. I just love him. I have 4 dogs of my own so I’m always looking for things to do with them. Love this!

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  2. Yay! Talking about road trip is my fav subject! I’m so glad y’all had fun, and the cabin you stayed at is so cute!! My boyfriend and I are actually driving to Colorado in March- it will be our third time! Although, we never had a chance to visit Denver, but since we love outdoor activities so we stayed in Colorado Springs both times. But if you guys want to explore the nature then I’d suggest you guys try to stay 2-3 days in Colorado Springs, because there are sooooo many magical sceneries to see! I will suggest you my fav spots to visit if y’all do go. But if you guys only want to stay in the big city, then go to 16th street mall. They have so many local coffee shops and restaurants to try!


      • My top list:
        1. Garden of the gods & their trading post
        2. Pikes Peak- I’d say go there depends on how well you guys adjust to the city’s altitude ( 6000+ ft in the city), I don’t recommend go up there on the first day though, since it’s over 14,000 ft up there.
        3. Manitou Springs-So many unique stores, support small business! 4. Poor Richards cafe- I had to go back there for their blueberry lavender latte!! Plus, enjoy their live music 🙂
        5. Bishop castle- this is on the way to Colorado Springs, it’s a really awesome castle built by one man!
        6. Red Rock- nice trails to hike on the first day, literally 5 mins from Garden of the gods too!

        That’s all I can think of right now, I will probably add more later lol


  3. I’ve been wanting to go wine tasting in Fredricksburg, thank you for the information! I live in San Antonio, so not that very far from there but haven’t had a chance to wine taste. I recently went through Fredricksburg to go hiking at enchanted rock ( which you, Hugo, & Boba should try out ) & there is also a park called cross mountain which is really great because it’s a mini hike up & there are picnic tables & you get a full view of Fredricksburg.


  4. I recommend visiting Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s a super cool art installation that you can explore for hours. If you haven’t heard of it look it up & prepare to be amazed! Also there is a alpaca farm called Que Sera which is 20 min out side of Santa Fe which is free to check out.


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