How to Pack and Prepare for Travel

If you saw my 2017 Highlight Reel, you may have noticed I travel pretty often. (If you haven’t seen that post, you can find it right here!) Whether it be to a tropical island, NYC, LA, or just a city over, I always write up a Travel Checklist to make sure I don’t forget all the important stuff! I’m attaching my personal checklist, that I designed, with all the basic needs for any trip! Feel free to print it out and use on your own!


This checklist covers all the essentials and has come in handy so many times! I don’t know what it is about packing, but it’s like I go temporarily insane and forget everything! I don’t know how many times I’ve left my boarding pass at home, or even my phone charger! I like to bring a carry-on backpack and then a carry-on suitcase for most trips. If I’m going on a week long (or longer) excursion, I usually end up with a backpack, small carry-on suitcase, and then checking a large suitcase.

In my backpack, I place all my “entertainment” items from the checklist above. These are all the items that you’re going to want to keep easily accessible on the plane! I also keep my “essential” items in the front pocket of my backpack because these are things I’m going to constantly have to pull in and out. Then depending on the size of my backpack, I’ll place a few of my “comfort” items in there (snacks, eye mask, blanket, etc.) or in my carry-on suitcase. Things like the neck pillow or blanket you can also just hold or wrap around your suitcase handle. I promise the flight attendants wont bother you about those items being left out since they know you will be using them on your flight.

For my makeup bag, I’m usually going to events specific to makeup, so personally I pack a full face. Of course you can tweak this next list to better suit your travel needs, but this is just what I go off of!

Purple and Cream Stripes Packing List

I created a little video a while back showing how I pack my makeup for travel, I’ll attach it below to give you a visual. My favorite makeup bag (shown in the video) is from PurseN! They have so many different sized bags and ones for all sorts of things, not just makeup! In the video I am using in the video is the Diva Makeup Travel Bag, but it’s seriously giant and you probably don’t need all of that unless you throw in your skincare as well. The one I usually use is the Tiffany Makeup Travel Bag, which is smaller but still has tons of room for all your products. For my makeup brushes, I never store them in the same bag as my makeup. I like to use cylinder brush holders, like this Sigma one, so the brushes don’t get flattened or frayed.



For all of my skincare/toiletries, I pack them separate from my makeup, but again you can do whatever is best for you! I also have a pretty intense skincare routine, so you definitely don’t need all of the items on this next list! Since I usually pack miniature items in my toiletries bag, I just use any regular sized makeup bag. I recently bought a little plastic one at Forever 21 and it works out just fine!

Purple and Cream Stripes Packing List (1)

Just remember that if you are taking any of your toiletries onto the plane in a carry-on bag, make sure liquids don’t exceed the 3.4 ounces limit or that you’re not bringing along any aerosol cans. Another tip, always put liquids in plastic baggies, or at the very least use a plastic makeup bag, just in case anything spills over or explodes from the pressure.

Moving into the actual suitcase, this is pretty self explanatory, packing-wise, and different for each traveler. Always check weather ahead of time and if you have any activities planned, pack accordingly.

My favorite brand for luggage is Away! I have the “bigger carry on” and it’s perfect size for a weekend trip of clothes and shoes. I definitely recommend getting a set of both that one and the “large” one, then you’ll have room for any sized trip. I like to bring both when I travel long periods of time, or overseas. It also has a portable charger built into it with room for two USB cords – major key.

I know it’s hard to not over-pack and bring your entire closet with you, but if you do find yourself running out of space and you can’t leave any of the items at home, one of the most popular packing tips is to roll up your clothes, rather than fold! This doesn’t work well with thicker clothing (winter apparel) but if you have t-shirts, shorts, etc., it’s super helpful! If you know what activities you will be doing or events you will be attending, plan outfits accordingly and try not to bring anything you know you probably wont be wearing. The last thing you want is to lug around a ton of items you wont even be using, and have them taking up space! Packing a lot of versatile pieces, like one pair of jeans or a sweater that will match any outfit you’re bringing, helps save space, too! Always make sure you have a little bit of extra room in your suitcase for items you make take home with you, as well!

Those are my best packing tips and tricks! I hope those of you traveling soon found this helpful! Be safe on your travels and take lots of photos! Thank you so much for reading!

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