Getting Organized in 2018

A new year is a great time to turn the page and get organized! My favorite part of each new year is getting a fresh, new planner to help sort myself out, along with some other fun office supplies that really make me feel like I have my life together! Well, at least until March, when I kind of fall off again but… Hey, A for effort, right? I decided to link up some adorable (and efficient!) supplies and accessories to help you start the new year off the right way!


This Bando 12 month planner is perfect to kick start your year and keep track of all meetings, appointments, and social events! I love the positive message on the outside of the planner and I’m especially obsessed with the color scheme – so me! The best part of all though… STICKERS ARE INCLUDED. I have the 17 month version of this and it is such a major help in keeping me on track and organized. I highly recommend picking this up if you’re schedule is packed and you find yourself having a hard time keeping up with it!


Another Bando favorite of mine is this classic, large, pink spiral notebook that says “I am Very Busy” in holographic lettering! Can’t go wrong with a notebook, I love to keep one to write down my dreams, ideas, and just any general notes!


These Kate Spade Pastel Highlighters are ideal (and adorable!) for highlighting important details without the usual eyesore that is the standard florescent yellow! These would look so cute displayed on your desk and the inspirational sayings on each one is an added bonus!


I bought this Rose Gold Desk Accessory Kit off Amazon last year and I love it so much, I had to include it! It’s no longer available on Amazon, but I did find it on Sam’s Club and the UBrands website! It comes with a pencil holder, tape dispenser, stapler, two pens, and scissors! It looks adorable on my desk and is functional and efficient!


These expandable file folders are a life saver for me! It’s how I organize all my receipts and checks and it helps me keep track of everything for my taxes! I love this fun tropical and gold print one from Target, pictured above!


Another great way to keep organized is this tiered Desktop Storage Drawer Set! I like to keep important letters, contracts, etc., easily accessible on my desk and this is a cute way to store it all! If you don’t have a ton of drawer space at your desk, this is ideal!


I had to include this gorgeous Kate Spade laptop bag, perfect if you travel often and work a lot from your laptop! Super cute and has storage for you laptop top and all it’s accessories!


Lastly, you need a cute pencil case! This Bando one is a great daily dose of inspo and fits everything you may need!

If you guys would like a follow up post on specifics on how I stay organized, rather than what products I use, please let me know! I’d be more than happy to write up my organizational tips on how to get it together, and keep it together! Thanks so much for reading! FTC: Some links above are affiliate links and I receive a small commission if purchases are made through the link.

One thought on “Getting Organized in 2018

  1. I really like the message on the pencil case. I feel like I needed to hear that! Haha, so cute too. These are some really nice picks for organizing!


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