Nordstrom Home Sale Finds!

Since everyone seemed to love my previous Nordstrom finds post, I decided to do a spin-off post dedicated to just the items I found in the sale section, since it is their big yearly sale from now until January 2nd! I found SO many amazing products, at such a great price, so I’ll be splitting up the blog posts into different categories! Today’s post is dedicated to only home pieces and decor! I tried to pack in a bunch of variety for everyone’s needs – I hope you find what you’re looking for! Treat yo self with all that Christmas money, boo!


  1. Paws-itive Vibes Tote was $24, now $14.40
  2. Collapsible Water Bottle (Available in 3 colors) was $19.95, now $11.90
  3. Bando 17 month Floral Plannerwas $20, now $11.98
  4. Pink Canvas Accent Pillow (Available in 3 colors) was $59, now $46.90
  5. Foundry Candlewas $16.99, now $12.90
  6. Shaggy Plush Pillow was $59, now $35.40
  7. Pink Feather Faux Fur Throw was $39, now $29.90
  8. Gold Pineapple Tumblerwas $35, now $20.98
  9. Bando Glitter Bomb 16 ounce Water Bottle was $24, now $14.40
  10. Rainbow Travel Tumbler was $15, now $8.98
  11. Ooh Burn Dish Towel Set was $24, now $19.90
  12. Less Monday, More Coffee Mug was $13, now $7.80

Listed above is my Top 12 Home Favorites (not all are pictured). The best part about shopping Nordstrom online is that they are always offering free shipping, no minimum. Seriously. Always.

I wanted to create a versatile list of items so that everyone browsing could find something they love. Of course I love everything above, that’s why I picked it (lol), but I highly recommend picking up the Bando Planner! The one pictured is size medium, but they also carry a large, so depending on what you need it for you can decide what is best for you! I own the large version, with a different cover style, and it is my favorite thing in the world! It keeps me extremely organized, but it’s also just adorable and features a TON of really fun stickers! If you’re a busy bee like me, GET ONE. Another absolute need, the faux feather throw.. Do I even need to explain? It feels like heaven and is just the coziest!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, stay tuned for my other top picks in different categories (shoes, bags, clothes, etc.) Thanks for reading! XO

FTC: Some links above are affiliate links, which means if purchased through my link, I recieve a small commission. Thanks for your support!

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