2018 Wet n Wild Overview

Wet n Wild has dropped their 2018 collection and I am so grateful to have been sent a majority of the new line! I have always been a fan of Wet n Wild Beauty because they have some really great products at such an insanely affordable price! They have really been stepping up their formulas lately, I personally love their liquid lipstick formula more than most higher end brands, but this new collection has me over the moon! They have released so many new products, including a new cushion foundation, and extension of new shades added to their Liquid Catsuit’s, and NEW BRUSHES. I am going to take you along with me and go through each new product one by one, talking about what it does and showing some swatches! Let’s go!

The first new product is this MegaCushion Foundation which is infused with coconut derivative. It’s luminous, lightweight, and a buildable formula that helps boost hydration and contains SPF 15 for added skin protection. If you aren’t familiar with cushion foundation, they come with a sponge for easy application and are typically a fuller coverage. This foundation in particular is definitely a medium-buildable coverage, and is extremely dewy! So far there are only 8 shades, which doesn’t give a ton of options for the average consumer. My shade is Light Ivory, the lightest shade. I think it’s really cute how the girl on the packaging matches the shade on the inside! Best part is that they are only $8.99!

Shades in order: Light Ivory, Cream Ivory, Nude Beige, Buff Beige, Natural Beige, Honey Beige, and Tawny.

Like I mentioned above, the shade range is a little disappointing. Especially since their PhotoFocus Foundation had 20 different shades to choose from. I’m hoping they are planning to expand on this collection as 2018 approaches.

Next up is the PhotoFocus Dewy Face Primer! From the website it is described as “Infused with Vitamin E, this lightweight formula helps smooth your skin for an even makeup application. The primer is infused with pearl pigments to add dimension for that glow-from-within look.” Above is a swatch so you can see the consistency and color of the primer, and below the swatch is it buffed into my skin. I realize you can’t tell too much about how it looks buffed into the skin, but the pearl pigments created such a luminous effect on the skin! These are available for only $4.99!

Above are a few new shades of both their Silk Finish lipsticks (left) and Megalast Lip Colors (right). The Silk Finish lipsticks are one of my favorite formulas of tube lipsticks and they are only 99 cents – insane!

Shades top to bottom: Raging Red, In The Near Fuchsia, Secret Muse, Honolulu is Calling, Never Nude, Rose the Matter, Smooth Mauve’s, Violet’s Kiss, Blackout.

Each shade is super creamy and feels amazing on the lips. The pigment is amazing on these and I am always just so impressed by the price point!

They also launched six new shades of their Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liners. They are made with a special polymer formula, it seamlessly glides onto lips and leaves color that goes on for days. They have a very interesting feel to them, unlike any other lip liner I have tried before. They are very creamy and make for easy application!

Wet n Wild also released new shades of their Liquid Catsuit’s, both in the metallic and matte formula. Here I have seven new shades of the metallics and seven mattes. Both formulas are super long lasting and budge free, seriously.. These are JOB to remove from your lips, it’s wild. (hehe.. wild.)

Personally, I’m not a fan of metallics. I don’t wear them outside of my home or find them to be very flattering. Of course that is all personal preference, though. I am definitely a matte lipstick queen and I wear matte liquid lipstick every single day. The Wet N Wild formula is amazing because it is crazy long lasting, but if you ever need to reapply throughout the day, they do get very dry and crackly, which isn’t cute. However, since they are very pigmented, you shouldn’t have to do more than one coat. These are only $4.99 so I highly recommend picking a few up!

Little disclaimer… I am the worst at swatching, so take these swatches with a grain of salt and focus more on the shades rather than the application. These are quick drying, so me going over the swatch a few times created a patchy effect. The only shade I had an actual issue with from the new collection was the black. It wasn’t quite as pigmented as the rest and it actually was a little patchy on application. I definitely prefer the Megalast Black to the liquid catsuit version.

Next is super exciting! They dropped the UltimateBrow Retractable Brow Pencils that seem to be an amazing dupe for Benefit’s Goof Proof brow pencil, which is my current favorite! I cannot wait to try these on my brows because I go through brow products way too quickly to keep spending so much on each one! I have been needing an affordable dupe and these are only $3.99! Here I have three shades, Ash Brown, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown.

These next products I felt I had to include for those interested but to be totally honest… I cannot stand these. These are the Color Icon Glitter Singles. They are pressed glitters, but feel very sticky and don’t apply easily or look good in any way shape or form. Not to mention the glitter doesn’t set and moves around on your lids all throughout the day. Just imagine wearing a gloss on your lids… it’s the same feel. Not something I care for, but I digress.

Here are swatches. I’ll let you decide how you feel about them.

THESE NEXT ONES……… YOU GUYS. I cannot contain myself – these are incredible! These are the new MegaGlo Hello Halo liquid highlighters in seven shades, perfect for any and all skin tones! From the website, “buildable liquid highlighter that delivers a multi-shimmer glow thanks to its shimmering pearl pigments. The hydrating formula is infused with powerhouses like Murumuru Seed Butter, Grapeseed Oil, and Vitamin E to help smooth out the skin’s texture.”

Left go right: Go With the Glow, Gilded Glow, Goddess Glow, Rosy and Ready, Halo Gorgeous, Halo, Goodbye, Halographic. All available for $5.99.

Diving into eye shadow palettes, Wet n Wild has reformulated their shadows and I am so impressed with them! Before, they weren’t the best, but for the price I had no issues with them. Now, they are so much better and blend out so much more nicely! I see you doing your thang, Wet n wild, I see you, and I’m here for it.

Top Petalette, bottom Silent Treatment. Both quads are available for $2.99 – a steal!

They also released these Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palettes for only $4.99 and these… You guys better not sleep on these because I am in love already!

Top to Bottom, Rose in the Air, Not a Basic Peach, Comfort Zone, and Nude Awakening. I need all of you to pick up ‘Not a Basic Peach’ RIGHT NOW – it is such a gorgeous palette, it blends so well, and the color payoff is crazy considering these are only $5!

Lastly, the new brushes! I don’t have all of them here, but these are the new Pro Brush Line and I am, again, so impressed by how high end these look and feel. The whole bundle is $69, which I was a little shook by when I first spotted that on the website, but it comes with 10 brushes and each brush retails between $5.99 to $7.99 individually. I have yet to use them on my face, but I love the look and feel of these. Definitely a step up from their first launch of brushes, which were also good, just not my favorites. These photo doesn’t give a good representation of how the rose gold/pink chrome handles actually look, but they look so stunning in person!

Overall, I am very impressed by each new product Wet n Wild has launched and I hope this breakdown of the new line was helpful and informative for you! Let me know your thoughts and what you’re most excited about! Personally, the Hello Halo liquid highlights and 10 pan eye shadow palettes are calling my name! I can’t wait to dive in and create some tutorials with everything!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! Make sure you’re all caught up on my previous posts! XO

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  1. Hi , can you please fix the name section of the foundations? There is one name missing since there is 8 shades & you only have 7 names. Thank you !


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