Nordstrom Picks

Hi everyone! I decided to throw together a bunch of Nordstrom favorites for you since it is their half yearly sale (now through January 2nd!) Not all of these picks are a part of the sale, however they are some of my favorite finds! Nordstrom is a HUGE store and carries such a variety of items and brands, so if you don’t find anything you love from below, you’ll have no problem at all on your own search! Hope you enjoy!




Home-wares are my FAVORITE! I picked out a handful of chic pieces that can dress up any area in your home! I love golds, coppers, marble, and blush tones for a stylish touch to your space!



For clothing, I’m one that loves comfort over everything, so I picked out a lot of cozy-wear, sweaters, and pieces you can pair with anything. Nordstrom always has the BEST sweaters, so if you aren’t feeling any of my picks, I promise you’ll have no trouble at all finding something you do like! Personally, I live in the Topshop section, so I included a bunch from their line!



To be honest, I’ve never been huge on bags. Recently though, I have really been liking Kate Spade designs, so I included my favorite everyday style bag from her and a wallet to match! The other bags I chose are perfect for any outfit and can work everyday, day or night! As for the luggage, I travel a LOT and these Calpak picks are not only adorable, but some of the best quality I have found so far! LOVE the marble!



Sticking with the cold weater/cozy clothes theme, I have a few versatile finds! I also threw in the Polaroid because it’s super cute and I’ve had my eye on it for a while!


Hope you guys found something listed here that you love, or at the very least inspired you on your own search! I know Nordstrom can be a crazy overwhelming store because they just have SO much of everything, but breaking it up into these categories will hopefully get you on the right track! Thanks so much for reading and happy shopping! XO

FTC: Links above are affiliate links and I will recieve a small commission from your purchase if you buy through the links! Thanks for your support!

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